Quick start

For the installation of the package, refer to the Installation section.

To run an algorithm, it suffices to create an instance of the corresponding class and then call the method run(). The class constructor requires an instance of the Agent class, which must contain the local information available to the agent to run the algorithm.

Example with the consensus algorithm

For example, to run the Consensus algorithm, first create an instance of the Agent class with the graph information:

agent = Agent(in_neighbors, out_neighbors, in_weights)

where the variables in_neighbors, out_neighbors and in_weights are previously initialized lists. Then, create an instance of the Consensus class with the agent’s initial condition and call the method run():

algorithm = Consensus(agent=agent, initial_condition=x0)

The method get_result() can be called to get the output of the algorithm:

print("Output of agent {}: {}".format(agent.id, algorithm.get_result()))

All the code showed so far is python code and must be enclosed in a script file. To actually run the code with MPI (which is the default Communicator), run on a terminal:

mpirun -np 8 python script.py

where in this case the script file script.py is executed over 8 processors.

Example with distributed optimization

For distributed optimization algorithms, the workflow is almost the same, except that the Agent class must be equipped with the problem data that is locally available to the agent. The problem data should be passed as an instance of the Problem class (or one of its children) before creating the instance of the algorithm class.

For example, to run the Distributed subgradient algorithm, the cost function must be passed to the instance of the Agent class after its initialization:

problem = Problem(objective_function)

where the variable objective_function is the agent’s objective function in the cost-coupled problem.

Then, the algorithm can be run just like in the Consensus case:

algorithm = SubgradientMethod(agent=agent, initial_condition=x0)
print("Output of agent {}: {}".format(agent.id, algorithm.get_result()))

and on the terminal:

mpirun -np 8 python script.py